The Revising Process

The revising process has been very tedious, yet very rewarding. By editing my paper, I’ve been able to see the argument I’ve been trying to prove versus the one my paper has been trying to prove. By rearranging my paper, with the help of Dr. Shermer, Ruby, and the peer review I’ve been able to see the shortcomings paper, mostly in the Literary Review section and the definition behind my argument. While it’s been satisfying to edit my paper into the one that I can be proud to present, it’s been frustrating at times. When I’m overwhelmed I would just remember the mantra “one point per paper, one point per paragraph, and one point per sentence.” This was especially helpful when I would go through pieces of research I didn’t want to let go of because I thought it would contribute to the overall paper, but it was really just historical fluff that I have a personal interest in. Throughout the writing process, I’ve dealt with the annoying difference between information that’s relevant versus what I want to learn more about, thus turning my paper into an accidental rabbit hole about fascism and Neo-Nazis.

While revising, my paper has grown into a piece of work that I’m proud of with research that supports my argument that fascism still exists and is represented by the standing Balbo Monument. I’ve been able to see how rewarding it is to see all of my research and hard work standing on its own.



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