The First Chunk

Beginning to write this paper was more difficult than I had imagined due to its overwhelming nature. When I originally wrote the paper, I thought it was so terrible that it needed to be deleted completely. After erasing three hours of hard work, I had to put the pieces back together and start from scratch…again.

Initially, I was overwhelmed by the amount of research I had compiled already and how I would be able to put into words that anyone would ever want to read. Additionally, knowing I wouldn’t use a lot of background information, that I had once believed was crucial to the project, was painful because it felt incomplete. Therefore I had to keep in mind that I was not writing a book, but instead a chapter that encompasses something bigger. By reading through the already completed part of my introduction that was turned in two weeks ago, I was reminded of what my project is about: The Balbo Monument and fascism in the Italian American Chicago community. By redefining the idea of the “community,” I was able to narrow down pieces of evidence. I depended on the interpretations of the Catholic church and family life in Italian American culture in the 1930s. Because I was able to figure out a clear understanding of the generalized community, the paper began to write itself for the first time. By focusing on these two aspects of Italian American culture, the reactions to the gifted Balbo Monument and Balbo’s flight seemed to fit into place, along with newspapers from differing neighborhoods. 

Throughout Dr. Winling’s presentation, I noted his use of digital resources and how they assisted in the explanation of his thesis rather overtaking the entire production. In my own presentation, I was unsure of how to present my information with the assistance of these resources, instead of presenting them as my project. Dr. Winling’s presentation of his research of Chicago elections was extremely helpful, as well as discussing our projects at Uncommon Ground. His research was extremely well-examined and has encouraged me to work on additional context for my presentation, rather than viewing the project as a single paper. This all-encompassing view has helped me in working with and adding additional pieces to my first draft. 

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