An Introduction

I believe the most important political issues that face the United States today are abortion, gun control, and immigration reform. These political issues are ones that are popular issues among millennials, and due to the lack of organized religion found in this age group, the issues are farther away from the traditional Catholic community. Abortion has been a polarizing issue among Catholics since the verdict of Roe v. Wade, and as abortion providing services have become fully functional sexual health clinics, the verdict of the case has been stretched across different meanings. As Catholicism continues to be seen as more conservative and the interpretation of the Second Amendment has come under more scrutiny as mass shootings have become more frequent, Catholicism is seen as a force that’s in support of the right to bear arms. Finally, immigration reform is yet again another hot button issue running through the country with child separation at the border and Trump’s call to deport undocumented immigrants. Because Trump’s fanbase has been majorly white Catholics, they’ve been seen as anti-immigration. While it’s difficult to understand why these once oppressed people would want to disenfranchise minorities and their current struggle, the Catholic community since Ronald Reagan’s era have been characterized as upholding traditional gender and societal roles with his infamous slogan “Make America Great Again.” In this turn of events, the way Catholics vote has changed indefinitely, whereas before the Reagan era they would’ve voted more liberal and presently they vote in a conservative fashion. Throughout this year, I look forward to understanding the Catholic community’s politics, the way they vote and why. Because have very little experience within the church, I’m curious to see how their politics relay into societal and governmental changes.

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